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Four French lawmakers visit Syria's Assad in private



by Joseph Earnest Febraury 25, 2015


Newscast Media DAMASCUSFour French lawmakers who say they are on a private visit to Syria met with President Bashar al-Assad Wednesday, one of them told AFP.
"We met Bashar al-Assad for a good hour. It went very well," Jacques Myard, an MP who belongs to the conservative opposition UMP party, said in a telephone interview. He refused to reveal the content of the talks.
The group of lawmakers include MPs and senators from both the left and the right. "It's a personal mission to see what is going on, to hear, listen," Myard said earlier.
The French foreign ministry has said the visit has nothing to do with the government. "The lawmakers do not carry any official message," said spokesman Alexandre Giorgini.


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Source: Al Manar










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