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Uganda may not be the laziest country in Africa after all

uganda be kidding

Ugandan MPs in a brawl as they oppose lifting age limit—Screenshot


by Joseph Earnest September 26, 2017


Newscast Media KAMPALA—A scuffle broke out in the Ugandan parliament on Tuesday, after lawmakers raised a point of concern over some armed security personnel in the House, right before a vote to extend Yoweri Museveni's rule could take place.


Uganda has earned a spot in the history books as being the laziest country in East Africa, but today, the brawl that broke out, should be a source of encouragement to the natives, that Ugandans may not be as passionless and unmotivated as history has recorded them to be. The passion displayed in the House is very healthy and positive, and also demonstrates a sense of urgency that  has been lacking in the native Ugandan.




The point of contention is lifting the age limit of 75 years, to allow Museveni's dictatorship to continue indefinitely.


Members of Parliament convened today in an effort to block the measure, as they wore red head bands to show solidarity with the opposing factions and the citizenry that is protesting the lifting of the age limit.


The State brought tanks and other military equipment to intimidate lawmakers, but the brave Members of Parliament (MPs) are standing their ground in opposition of Museveni's continued dictatorship.


"African countries even with all the resources they have, have remained poor countries because they had failed to sort out their internal democracies. MPs need to debate oil under an environment without any intimidation because right now security are beating up people allover the country," said MP Semujju Nganda, according to the Observer.


For the MPs and the natives across the country to take the initiative to bring about meaningful change, must come as a surprise to Museveni, who himself has described Ugandans as lazy.


On April 16, 2017 at an Easter service Museveni said, "I have come to tell you about laziness, there are more people who do not want to work, others are doing all they should be doing. When we started this campaign for Bona Bagaigahare (prosperity for all), we called it the name because we wanted all to work," the Monitor reported.


Perhaps the "lazy" Ugandans (Museveni's words, not mine), are now being awakened, and have realized being complacent is not getting them what they had hoped for, and maybe, a sustained campaign will cause the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, to permanently withdraw the bill (of course this would only happen under instructions of Museveni), then for the first time in over three decades, the discussion could shift to planning a peaceful exit for Museveni, as 2021 approaches.


Yet the underlying question remainswhy, all of a sudden, are MPs and the natives concerned about Museveni extending his rule for another five years, yet they've been able to endure 31 years?


Which of the MPs, with the exception of Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker, would have the courage to stand up to the gay mafia that Museveni has managed to keep at bay?


Africans are copycats, in that, most of their actions are driven by the secular media of the West, like CNN and the BBC. Museveni, to his credit, has been able to resist the attempt by western governments, with the United States as the ring leader, to homosexualize Uganda.


If there is anything virtuous that can come out of a victory for Museveni to successfully override the Constitution and extend his dictatorship for life, it would be that he is saving Ugandans from themselves, since they tend  go along with fads.


All one has to do is take a look at social media and see the Trump hate by people in the Third World, yet Trump isn't even their president. This is happening because the western media has driven the narrative that being a Trump-hater is a popular thing to do, and so these sheeple who blindly follow these trends, without even knowing why, spend most of their time on social media regurgitating "hate Trump" memes.


The Trump-haters are what are referred to as the "low hanging fruit crowd" or low information voters (spectators).


Likewise, were it not for Museveni to resist Hillary Clinton's demands to accept the homosexual culture, left to its own devices, Uganda would probably be the most secular and hedonistic country in East Africa.


In some way, it could be divine intervention that God has allowed Uganda to be under the rule of Museveni's iron hand, in order to save Ugandans from the trappings of life itself, and western culture, particularly the US, Canada and Great Britain; and rather than have a democracy, a dictatorship is best suited for this East African country, in order to regulate the conduct of Ugandans, and for the citizenry to stay in its lane.  


Bottom line, Uganda, (which is a failed British experiment), is still a very young nation, of about 50 years, and has not yet reached the maturity stage to be able to self-monitor, without someone looking over the shoulder of the natives.


One can see it everywhere, from the airport, where immigration seems burdened just to stamp a passport, to the open markets and restaurants where the staff would prefer talking or texting on cellphones, to hotel attendants who lack the professionalism and promptness to tend to the customers (unless of course you are of European or Indian descent), and even in corporate settings where employees are unproductive at work and lack excellence. A culture that lacks a sense of urgency is not ready for prime time, and most likely, only a ruler with a heavy hand, can keep it in check.    Add Comments>>
















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