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Kenyan bombings still shrouded in mystery of faceless terrorists



by Joseph Earnest  October 4, 2013


Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—The bombings at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya still have many questions unanswered, and several unsolved mysteries.  It has been almost two weeks since the attack and amazingly, not a single photograph of any of the alleged terrorists has been displayed in the electronic or print media.  This is the first time this journalist is writing an analysis of the obvious observations regarding the operation that claimed over 100 innocent lives.


After the attack, the group that was immediately blamed was al-Shabaab.  Before the suspension of its Twitter account, al-Shabaab allegedly claimed to have the voices of the terrorists on audio. Below is the tweet:



Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta said, "Security forces have killed five terrorists and arrested 11 suspects in connection with the horrific siege on a Nairobi shopping mall." (pop-up)


Which begs the questions:

(i) Why haven't they released any photos of the five dead suspects and the 11 terrorists in custody?


(ii) Are the terrorists working for either Western or Middle Eastern entities to destabilize East Africa?


(iii) Who would benefit most from destabilizing East Africa after the three countries namely, Kenya Uganda and Tanzania expressed interest in forming one currency to set a blue-print for the rest of Africa to have a single currency? (pop-up)


(iv) What would the negative impact be on the international bankers if Africans did in fact succeed in forming a single currency and abandon international currencies by paying for goods and services in an African monetary unit?


(v) Why are they making "blonde White women" the "new face of terror," yet there is no evidence the same even participated in the Kenya attack? (pop-up)


*(Remember, in the 70s and 80s Blacks were the ones being profiled as criminals and anarchists. In the 90s Hispanics were being profiled as a continuation on the "war on drugs". In the 2000s Arabs were profiled after declaration of the "war on terror." Here we are after the first decade of the new millennium, White women are now being profiled as dangerous to society. Pop-up)


(vi) Israel reported the terrorists of the Kenyan Westgate Mall bombings included American citizens and British, with the possibility of Samantha the 29-year-old "White widow".  If all the terrorists were apprehended as we were told, and Samantha was among one of them, why then did Interpol issue an international arrest warrant for her, if she was already in custody? (pop-up)


(vii) Wouldn't it make sense to release the images  of the terrorists who are allegedly in custody, like they did after the September 11, 2001 attack, so that the public could provide more leads to the connections they have with local communities to avert a future terror attack? Why just issue a travel advisory stating the State Department continues to receive information of potential threats, and not demand release of the photos to prevent the potential kidnappings and suicide bombings on Western and Kenyan interests? (pop-up)


(viii) Are some of the suspects allegedly in custody from certain Middle Eastern countries that may have great influence in the United States and are preventing the photos from being published out fear of blowback? If so, which allies would those be?


These, my friends, are questions any rational media practitioner should be asking, yet there is an absolute blackout in the corporate media, regarding the identities of the alleged suspects.   Add Comments>>






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