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Tehran: F16 jet engine stolen from Israeli air force base


F16 fighter jet engine - military photo


by Joseph Earnest  December 12, 2012 


Newscast Media TEHRANIranian news agency, Mehr News Agency, is reporting that an F16 fighter jet engine was stolen from an Israeli air force base, an act that has perplexed the Israelis.


Tehran reports: "Some unknown men took away the F16 engines in one of the air force bases by breaking into the base in central Occupied Lands. In a similar report earlier, it was claimed that Iranian spies had tried to hijack engines from the army fighters."


It is indeed baffling as to how such a large object can be stolen from a military base that has 24-hour surveillance.  Whoever has this early Christmas gift undoubtedly has plans to make copies of the F16s, since the engine has the most valuable components necessary for such duplication.


Mehr reports that according to high-ranking officials of Israel Air Force, the hijackers received assistance from army members inside the base, something made known after the investigation, since it showed that no damage or cleft was evident in the walls around the base.

Based on this, sources emphasize that in the most probability the hijackers received help from inside the base and were able to enter via the main gate, adding that transferring the engines requires huge and modern devices, something which improves the speculation that they did not enter the base on foot.

Top Israel Air Force officials deemed the incident dangerous, saying the perpetrators had not yet been known and the motivation behind the act is not clear. 

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Source: Mehr News Agency







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