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Israel upholds checks on tourists' email accounts before entry



by Joseph Earnest April 25, 2013  

Newscast Media TEL AVIVIsraeli officials at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv say they have been authorized to continue demanding access to tourists' email accounts and to deny them entry if they refuse.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein confirmed the authorization on Wednesday in a written response to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), which had asked for clarification back in June 2012.

ACRI cited the document as saying that the practice was limited to cases where "relevant suspicious signs" were evident and only done with the tourists’ "consent".

However, the attorney general's office noted, “It will be made clear to him that his refusal will be taken into consideration along with other relevant factors, in deciding whether to allow him entry," the rights group added.

This follows an uproar last year when tourists were ordered to open their e-mails after hours of interrogation and two Palestinian-American women were consequently denied entry.

ACRI's attorney for criminal justice issues condemned the policy as a "drastic invasion of privacy," and mocked the notion of “consent” while refusal could result in expulsion.

Tourists, who are interrogated at the airport and whose email accounts are accessed by security forces, are “in no position to give free and informed consent,” Lila Margalit stated.

"Such 'consent' -- given under threat of deportation -- cannot serve as a basis for such a drastic invasion of privacy," she said.  Add Comments>>


Source: Press TV









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