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Dutch strike ISIL in Iraq--Hezbollah repels ISIL in NE Syria



by Joseph Earnest  October 7, 2014   


Newscast Media DAMASCUSCalmness has prevailed on the Eastern mountain range at Ain al-Saa, Lebanon’s northeastern border with Syria, as Hezbollah frustrated the vast Nusra attack against the strategic area.

Videos showed the blood spots of al-Nusra terrorists who left their equipments and escaped the encounter towards Assal al-Ward barrens in Syria.


ISIL was no match for Hezbollah, which is considered the world's most sophisticated and lethal guerilla organization.


Meanwhile, Dutch F-16s Tuesday carried out their first strikes on ISIL in Iraq, the defense ministry said, with militants possibly killed.

"Two Dutch F-16s this morning used weapons for the first time in Iraq against the ISIL terrorist group. They dropped three bombs on armed ISIS vehicles that were shooting at (Kurdish) Peshmerga fighters in the north of the country," the statement said.

"Vehicles were destroyed in the attack and ISIL fighters possibly killed," it added.

The F-16s are being deployed as close air support, backing Iraqi and Kurdish ground troops fighting ISIS militants. 
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 Source: Al Manar TV News













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