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Down Syndrome Day Recognized For First Time By The UN

by Brittany Smith  March 23, 2012

 Newscast Media NEW YORKThe U.N. officially observed World Down Syndrome Day for the first time on Wednesday – the seventh anniversary of the day designated to promote awareness and understanding, and seek international support for people with Down syndrome.

The annual observance takes place on the 21st of March each year because the date (21/3) represents the 3 copies of chromosome 21, which is unique to people with Down syndrome. Those with the genetic condition have some degree of learning disability, but many will go on to lead full and semi-independent lives. There is an estimated 7 million people who have Down syndrome worldwide.

The Pennsylvania Family Institute says that "upwards of 90 percent of Down syndrome children diagnosed prenatally never see the light of day; and their parents never see the special light of their children's lives."

There is an alarming rate of babies aborted after the parents find out through prenatal testing that the child will have a genetic disorder.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has attacked President Barack Obama's health care plan that includes free prenatal screenings, saying that it encourages abortions and will seriously decrease the ranks of the disabled in our society.

Prenatal screenings have also caused a rise in "wrongful birth" suits. A Portland couple was recently awarded $2.9 million because they say they would have aborted their little girl had they known she had Down syndrome and now needed money to pay for the costs of raising her.              Add Comments>>






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