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Donald Sterling now loves Black people--attends Black service

donald sterling


by Joseph Earnest  June 2, 2014   


Newscast Media LOS ANGELESDisgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling appears to have had a change of heart over the weekend about Black people, and believes he demonstrated his love for being in their presence by attending a Black church is Los Angeles.

Sterling told KNBC-TV he went to Praises of Zion Missionary Baptist Church to support the church and said the service was "beautiful."

"I am here to support this wonderful group," Sterling who will be paid $2 billion for his team told the media.

The senior pastor of the church asked his congregation to forgive, and a female attendant acknowledged she loves Sterling despite his racist views.

"Oh, yes, I can't have hate in my heart for anybody...I love everybody, because Christ loves me," the lady said.

If Blacks, particularly Liberals, were as willing to show the same kind love and courtesy they show racists to fellow Blacks who are Republicans like Clarence Thomas or Dr. Ben Carson, it would be good for their souls.




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