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Civil rights group uses black students in Texas to overturn voterID law

 texas capitol

  by Joseph Earnest  September 16, 2011


Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas -- After passing one of the toughest voterID registration pieces of legislation, a civil rights group is asking the Department of Justice to stop the law that was passed in Texas.  The law forces those who do not have a state or federal photo ID to vote by provisional ballot which will only be counted if they return with a valid ID. University Student ID cards and even official state or federal government employee ID cards do not qualify under this law. The law also prohibits veterans from using their ID card from the Department of Veterans Affairs to vote, even though it is a government-issued photo ID.

The bill passed 20-12 with all 19 Republicans and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst voted to approve SB14, which will allow voters to use a Texas driver’s license or ID card, military ID, passport or Texas concealed handgun license as a valid form of photo identification at any polling place. Newscast Media first reported in January 2011, the passage of Senate Bill 14 here. (pop-up)

The Brennan Center for Justice, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and the Texas NAACP sent a letter to the DOJ insisting the law will indeed discriminate against — and disenfranchise — Texas voters.

Critics said the law was written to target African Americans at Prairie View A&M University, a predominantly black university. The League of Young Voters Education Fund collected statements from dozens of students at Prairie View to use as proof that the proposed photo ID law will disfranchise them.

Regardless of fact, Perry still stands firmly behind the law. "Voter ID can ensure an accurate reflection of the will of the voters," his spokeswoman said Wednesday. "Without confidence in our elections process, the rights of all voters are cast in doubt."  Add Comments>>                 








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