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Feministas blame White women for  defeat of Wendy Davis

wendy davis

As shown in the exit polling data, only 32 percent of White women voted for Wendy Davis, a reality that has infuriated feministas, who are now referring to White women as sellouts.


by Joseph Earnest November 7, 2014   


Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—The above bar chart says it all. Numbers don't lie. Wendy Davis failed to connect with both White women and men since exit polls showed that only 32 percent of White women voted for her.  On the other hand, Greg Abbot received 80 percent of the White male vote and 67 percent of the White female vote. These numbers are very telling, and should be a concern for Democrats as they consider thrusting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race. We will revisit Hillary later on in the article.


Having won a landslide victory, Greg Abbott, who closed the night with 59 percent to Davis' 39 percent infuriated the feministas who have turned their wrath upon White women for abandoning the Davis campaign. The war on women was overplayed by the Obama campaign so it really did not drive the key demographic they sought to the Davis camp, instead women embraced Abbott. Below are just a few tweets:


wendy davis


Black men and women unsurprisingly voted for Davis overwhelmingly, with men contributing 90 percent of the vote while she extracted 98 percent of the Black female vote.


If you are Hillary Clinton, you'd want to restructure your message to a different narrative other than the usual social issues like homosexual marriage, war on women, which is code word for "abortion rights", and focus on the aspects of life that directly affect people's livelihoods.


As for Blacks, they have allowed themselves to be used as pawns or puppets by the Democrats, yet if Blacks became registered Independents, they would be able to swing elections one way or the other.  It is a lack of critical thinking in the Black community that has rendered it almost ineffective when it comes to making an impact on US policy, the judicial system, the police force, the educational and healthcare systems and the economy that is dominated by non-Black movers and shakers.


Senator-elect Tim Scott of South Carolina recently made history when he became the first Black candidate to win a statewide race since just after the Civil War.


In an interview with MSNBC after his victory in which he garnered 61 percent of the vote, Scott said, "I will tell you, if I have an "F" on the NAACP scorecard, it's because I believe that progress has to be made and the government is not the answer for progress. I was a kid growing up in poverty. I had a mentor who was a Chick-Fil-A operator who taught me that the brilliance of the American economy happens through business ownership and entrepreneurial spirit. So whether you own the business or not, success is possible if you, a, have a good education, b, have a strong work ethic."


How often do you hear Democrats encouraging Blacks to own their businesses? The reason you rarely hear them do so is because they want Blacks to be dependant on government, that way they can easily be controlled due to a lack of financiall

freedom that small businesses offer.


A woman who plans to run for the presidency once said, "Don’t let anybody tell you that it's corporations and businesses that create jobs," in a speech recently.


Of course she was speaking to a crowd of "low information voters" that believes government is the solution to our problems. Don't tell that to Texans where most people, even those working nine-to-five jobs, have businesses on the side that bring in the extra income making Texas the number one job creator in America.


The crushing defeat of the Democrats that paved the way for Republicans to control both the House and Senate has created momentum for the GOP nominee in 2016 to take the White House, whether it is Rick Perry, Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush—all of whom have been governors before. Add Comments>>


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