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Internet troll challenges boxer to fight, gets beat-down of his life

cyber troll


by Joseph Earnest  May 14, 2014


Newscast Media HOUSTONAn Internet troll with a loud mouth who always brags about his boxing skills challenged a boxer to a fight, and the result of the fight will make him think twice about trolling.


Youtuber by the name of Charlie Zelenoff challenged undefeated WBC champion Deontay Wilder to a fight after verbal abusing him on the Internet.  Word got to Wilder that there was a troll talking smack about him and his family, something the boxer did not take lightly.


A venue was set where the fight was to take place, and lets just say, the 6'7" and 215-pound Wilder used the troll as his punching bag.  Watch:



The video above is a demonstration that it is easy for some to call others racial slurs, and hide behind Internet keyboards, yet when it comes to saying it to someone's face, they act like pansies.  


Meanwhile in Europe, they have been trying to fight racism in sports, and in the video below, watch how all the players of one team, including the White ones, ganged up on another player of the opposite team who used a racial slur against Zakora, a Black footballer:




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