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Obama implies legitimate Crimean decision is illegitimate


by Joseph Earnest  March 6, 2014


Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The democratically-elected Crimean parliament has cast its vote to become part of Russia, a move that was predicted last week after the coup in Ukraine occurred.  (pop-up)


Now Barack Obama believes that even though the Crimean government, which was elected democratically has cast a legitimate vote, the referendum to be held within the next 10 days that will consummate the final act will be illegitimate.


On the other hand, Obama believes the current Ukrainian government that violated the constitution by the way it seized power, is the legitimate government, even though Crimeans beg to differ.

"Any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the legitimate government of Ukraine," Obama said.

In the eyes of Crimeans, no legitimate Ukrainian government exists, and they want to hold their referendum on their future, yet Obama says it is an international crime?

"The proposed referendum on the future of Crimea would violate the Ukrainian constitution and violate international law," Obama told reporters at the White House.

Perhaps Obama is forgetting that during the Kosovo war, the U.S backed a plan by U.N. special envoy and former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, to break away from Serbia, an action that Russia vehemently opposed. (pop-up)

After Kosovo eventually broke away and declared independence, Russia demanded an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council to proclaim the declaration "null and void," but the meeting produced no resolution.

The breaking away by Crimea from Ukraine to join Mother Russia, is payback time for Russia, and it's Putin's way of saying to the West: "Checkmate." Add Comments>>












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