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Part II-Why Obama and agencies like the SEC settle cases

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by Joseph Ernest  October 10, 2012     

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—As explained in Part I, courts make money through bid bonds.  Bonds are required to be posted even at times when it is someone prosecuting another.  In cases where people are arrested for protesting or demonstrating and are detained briefly, a form is filled out and the person is released.  Those few minutes or hours of detention, or even if one is not detained but is asked to state his or her name and asked, "Do you understand the charges being brought against you?" The judge is setting you up to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. That's why they always ask you to sign papers, even on a traffic stop because your signature is what creates the negotiable instrument.


Your name is spelled in ALL CAPS in every government agency. Look at your birth certificate, passport, social security card, drivers license and so forth.  That is the "strawman" who was charged.  Then you the real human being whose names are not spelled in "All Caps" are detained as the surety for the strawman.  The forms that the court fills out are SF 24 the bid bond and SF 25 the performance bond which are surety bonds.  These are filled out by them, and they pool them together and sell them in bulk as securities on the secondary market.  The forms are:


*All forms are live and can be typed into

SF 24 Bid Bond - assures the bidder that surety will be paid

SF 25 Performance Bond - used to show proceedings are complete

SF 25A Payment Bond - used to guarantee payment of your surety.

*(When people like Jesse Jackson get arrested and thrown in jail for protesting, then released after only 15 minutes, the courts make million$$ off of his arrests by selling him to the highest bidder usually an insurance company or a bank that underwrites his surety bond -- the Bid Bond.)


Courts hereafter make millions of dollars through the sale of these securities all around the world, that's the reason the prison system is a very profitable business and that's why courts are listed as trading businesses on Dun & Bradstreet as we saw in Part I. Banks and insurance companies underwrite these sureties that are bundled into securities. If you do not know all this and just agree with everything they tell you without objecting, you are giving them jurisdiction over you without fully understanding why you are being charged, whether it is trespassing, or disturbing the peace and so forth.


The company that owns every security is called The Depository Trust Company, the nominee of whom is CEDE &Co. and appears on every Pooling and Servicing Agreement of securitized instruments. They are the world's largest depository of securities and are a member of the privately-held Federal Reserve Bank. Click here and read page three and four of their Letter of Representations. (pop-up)


 That is the reason why during discovery attorneys will never produce the PSA and the prospectus even when a Motion To Compel is filed under Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure 37(b). (pop-up)


In my investigative research I have never seen an attorney who was able to produce or willing to produce the documents that proved mortgages were securitized.  Some of them genuinely do not understand securities, others are covering up who the real owner is.  After doing a forensic audit on property I was investigating, I was consulted by several attorneys and a federal judge who asked me to help explain how a promissory note evolves to become a security, and all the necessary laws that govern it. Part III-What I discovered shocked the judge and attorneys>>


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