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An angry Obama rips the IRS for targeting Conservatives

barack obama


by Joseph Earnest May 15, 2013


Newscast Media WASHINGTONAppearing at the East Room of the White House, Barack Obama announced the resignation of IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller, after a report released by the Inspector General (IG) revealed that Conservatives were targeted for audits by the IRS, because of their political beliefs and party affiliations. Obama also said that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, has been directed to make sure the IRS begins implementing the IG's recommendations right away.


Obama indignantly described the IRS' misconduct as inexcusable given the power and reach it has in our lives.


"I've reviewed the Treasury Department's misconduct report, and the misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable. It is inexcusable, and Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior, in any agency, but especially in the IRS, given the power that it has, and the reach that it has, in all of our lives.  And, as I said earlier, it should not matter what political stripe you are from, the fact of the matter is that, the IRS has to operate with absolute integrity. The government generally has to conduct itself in a way that is true to the public trust, that is especially true for the IRS," Obama said.   


Obama then offered three solutions to fixing the problem:

"So here's what we're gonna do.  First, we're gonna hold the responsible parties accountable. Yesterday I directed Secretary Lew to follow up on the IG audit, to see how this happened, and to see who is responsible and to make sure that we understand all of the facts. Today Secretary Lew took the first step, by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acting commissioner of the IRS.  Because given the controversy surrounding this audit, it is important to institute new leadership, that can help us restore confidence going forward.

"Second, we're gonna put into place safeguards to make sure this kind of behavior cannot happen again, and I directed Secretary Lew to ensure the IRS begins implementing the IG's recommendations right away.  Third, we will work with Congress as it performs its oversight role, and our administration has to make sure that we are working hand-in-hand with to get this thing fixed," the president said.

Other Conservatives like Franklin Graham, president of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse said his family's organizations were targeted last September for an IRS audit.

"I do not believe that the IRS audit of our two organizations last year is a coincidence or justifiable," Graham said.  The preacher believes it was an effort by the Obama administration to intimidate them for their beliefs.   Add Comments>>











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