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Clinton: M23 Rebels must abide by the Kampala Accords



by Joseph Earnest  November 30, 2012  


Newscast Media KAMPALA, Uganda—The month of November ends with a positive solution to the Democratic Republic of Congo crisis, that was welcomed by the White House and State Department. Life in eastern Congo is slowly returning to normal as the rebels fully withdraw from the region. The White House and State Department issued a strong statement condemning the action the rebels took to invade the DRC.


At the beginning of the week, when fighting intensified as rebels held the eastern cities of Goma and Sake captive, Newscast Media wrote a harsh admonition under the headline "Not enough Congolese have been killed for the U.S. to intervene".


In that article written on November 26, this journalist said, "Hillary Clinton squandered several opportunities she had to mobilize a peace-keeping force that would secure the well-being of the Congolese people."


For the part of the State Department, Hillary Clinton has since worked with the UN and African Union (AU) to secure a 4,000-strong force, that will be on stand-by to make sure that lasting peace in the region is realized.  


Something we also wanted to see happen when the article was written, was a strong condemnation from the U.S. government against the invasion of Congo by the rebels.


Hillary Clinton, like a true soldier, said on November 28: "The United States strongly condemns the "tactics of fear and intimidation" that have accompanied the conflict since a rebellion broke out in the region in April."


"There is only one way forward for M23," Clinton added. "They must meet their commitments under the Kampala Accords to cease their attacks, withdraw from Goma, and pull back to the July lines." Read full condemnation (pop-up)


The swift actions the U.S. government (State Department) and African Union have taken in the past 72 hours, satisfy the grievances Newscast Media had about the silence of the United States, while Africans were being slaughtered.


As much as we are passionate when criticizing policies we find troubling, it is only fair that we praise those who have been criticized, when they correct those same policies. We know Newscast Media gets some web traffic from the State Department.


As such, Newscast Media credits Hillary Clinton, the US government and the African Union (AU) for mobilizing a military unit of 4,000 to neutralize any threat that would destabilize the DRC region. More credit also goes to Uganda's Yoweri Museveni, and Rwanda's Paul Kagame, for the role they played in delivering a peaceful solution to Congo's Joseph Kabila.


This is certainly an excellent humanitarian gesture on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton, to the people of the Motherlandand a sign of redemption of lost opportunities, as she ends her tenure with the State Department.


Cicero, the greatest mind in classical antiquity said: "The greatest renown, and profoundest gratitude, is won by defending the oppressed.  This consideration particularly applies when the oppression is coming from a formidable personage." Cicero On The Good Life (page 147).


I'm sure Hillary will miss my constructive criticism when she leaves office in January 2013but who knows? I might just catch up with her on the campaign trail...should she choose to run for the presidency in the year 2016.


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