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Obama signs Executive Order in regard to conflict in DRC


 by Joseph Earnest July 8, 2014   


Newscast Media WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama has taken additional steps with respect to the Congo conflict by signing an Executive Order to address the continuation of activities that threaten the peace, security, or stability of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the surrounding region.


This includes operations by armed groups, widespread violence and atrocities, human rights abuses, recruitment and use of child soldiers, attacks on peacekeepers, obstruction of humanitarian operations, and exploitation of natural resources to finance persons engaged in these activities.The E.O. holds the following accountable:

  • Those who support to persons, including armed groups, involved in activities that threaten the peace, security, or stability of the Democratic Republic of the Congo or that undermine democratic processes or institutions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, through the illicit trade in natural resources of the Democratic Republic of the Congo; 
  • A leader of (i) an entity, including any armed group, that has, or whose members have, engaged in any of the activities described above;Those who have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, logistical, or technological support for, or goods or services in support of (i) any of the activities described above or (ii) any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to E.O. 13413;

Click here to read the entire Executive Order signed July 8, 2014. (pop-up)

The Democratic Republic of Congo has faced a genocide of approximately seven million people at the hands of various rebel groups in the region, led by the M23.

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