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2012 election


NY Times blocked by China for revealing politician's wealth

communist china


by Joseph Earnest  October 26, 2012  


Newscast Media NEW YORK—The Chinese government has blocked searches related to the New York Times Web site, after the paper revealed that in the past two decades, Premier Wen Jiabao's family had accumulated wealth valued at $2.7 billion.


The man who Chinese people came to know as "Grandpa Wen" because he gave the impression he was just a common man like everybody else, yet in fact he was a billionaire, has campaigned against corruption and heads the Communist Party's reformist wing.


Embarrassed by the revelations, two weeks before elections in China take place, the government now blames the media and says journalists are out to smear China for ulterior motives.


The New York Times also reports that Prime Minister Wen's wife, Zhang Beili, is richissima, and that she has helped control the nation's jewelry and gem trade, of which she has flourishing diamond businesses. However, those who know her say that she dresses very modestly so as not to exude glamor, and prefers to remain behind the scenes.


The offensive article to China by the New York Times can be found in the link below:

The Times lists details of the immediate and extended family members of Wen, including the market value of their investments. (pop-up)


This creates a particularly difficult situation for voters who are seeking information about the candidate Wen supports who will replace the prime minister a fortnight from now, since anything connected to Wen and his associates is blocked in China.

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