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Christians in Nigeria in danger of being killed for their faith


 by Joseph Ernest July 14, 2010



 NewscastMedia -- Christians residing in Nigeria are fearful of being killed for their beliefs and the group Release International has called on the new Nigerian president to ensure that the lives of Christians will not endangered.


The Plea comes as a result of armed men in military uniform whom Partners of Release say shot seven Christians in cold blood on July 3, who lived in Kirachi Dawai Chawai, Kaduna state.  It was 8:30 p.m. in the evening when gunmen surrounded the village and started spraying it with bullets. A mother of six and a primary school teacher were killed on the spot, the other five were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds.


Sources from Partners of Release say that the following day, militants with guns and machetes  raided Ganawuri village near Jos, which is a neighboring state with Plateau state. In March, Christians in Jos were victims of a brutal rampage by militants who went on a killing spree leaving 520 people dead including women and innocent children. Partners of Release says that these murderous ambushes are suspected to be from Fulani militants of the Kaduna region.  

Release International CEO Andy Dipper, has made an investigative trip to Nigeria and has said, "We’re appalled to hear of yet more violence against Christians, who have been warning for some time now that they feared further attacks.

We appeal to President Goodluck Jonathan and his administration to take firm action now to ensure that the military and police carry out their full responsibilities and protect Christians properly. We acknowledge it is a huge task – but enough is enough."

The new president, Goodluck Jonathan, was sworn into office in May and is from the south, which is considered to be the Bible belt of Nigeria.
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