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Gov. Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump for president

donald trump


by Joseph Earnest February 26, 2016


Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—After the verbal ambush Donald Trump faced from both Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz at the University of Houston debate hosted by CNN on Thursday night, Trump received an endorsement that he said was very important to him, from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at a Fort Worth rally on Friday.


"I appreciate him as a person and a friend," Gov. Christie said, "He will do what needs to be done to protect the country here and abroad. What the American people and allies will understand is that Donald Trump keeps his word."


Christie said that Donald Trump's opponents do not know the playbook of Trump because he is rewriting it. "He is the best candidate to beat Hillary. He is a good friend, and I am proud to lend him my support until November. I am happy to be on the Trump team and look forward to working with him," Christie said after being introduced by Trump.


Trump complained that he has very many wealthy friends who never get audited by the IRS, but he gets audited every year, and doesn't know what the motivation for the audits is.


When asked by the press about the allegation that he is only rich because he inherited $200 million from his father, Trump said the rumor was started by the "failing New York Times," and clarified that it was a very small loan from his dad that is nowhere close to the number that was quoted, and he paid it back before his father passed away.


At the end of the question and answer session, when asked if he would consider making Rubio his running mate, Trump said, "Marco Rubio is a lightweight. He will never make America great with his temperament."  Add Comments>>














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