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Obama declares April National Child Abuse Prevention Month

barack obama


by Joseph Earnest  March 31, 2014


Newscast Media WASHINGTONApril has been declared National Child Abuse Prevention Month by President Barack Obama.


In his proclamation, Obama said we all have a role to play in preventing child abuse and neglect and in helping young victims recover. From parents and guardians to educators and community leaders, each can help carve out safe places for young people to build their confidence and pursue their dreams.

"I also encourage Americans to be aware of warning signs of child abuse and neglect, including sudden changes in behavior or school performance, untreated physical or medical issues, lack of adult supervision, and constant alertness, as though preparing for something bad to happen," Obama said.

  *Click here to read of download entire proclamation by Obama. (pop-up)

Just this very day, a verdict in Delaware was rendered in a child rape case where the perpetrator walked, while the victim who was raped at the age of three, suffers.

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