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Friday of Rage: Anti-American protests planned worldwide

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by Joseph Earnest  September 13, 2012  


Newscast Media CAIRO, Egypt—After viewing how cowardly the U.S. mainstream media handled the attacks on American embassies and assassinations of American diplomats, anti-American protests in Muslim countries are scheduled for Friday after midday prayers.  When American embassies were attacked, Mitt Romney spoke out against the violence and was quickly condemned by the corporate media, even though Muslims themselves have also condemned the violence against American officials.


Seeing the weakness exhibited by the US media that attacked its very own for condemning acts of violence, Arab nations across the world have been emboldened to hold anti-American demonstrations in protest of a film released by an Israeli-American that insults Islam.


American universities more vulnerable than embassies

Even more vulnerable than US embassies, are American universities that don't have the protections that embassies have.  If embassies across the world are being burned down, what prevents American universities that also fly American flags from being burned to the ground as a way to punish America?


Muslim Brotherhood calls for protests across Egypt on Friday

The US embassy in Cairo has finally had the courage to call out the Muslim Brotherhood for its contradictory tweets.  In one tweet the Brotherhood says they were "relieved none of @USembassycairo staff was hurt" and expressing his hope that US-Egypt relations could weather the events. However, the Brotherhood's Arabic-language Twitter account and its official website were both praising the protests.  This prompted the US embassy to say: "We can read Arabic too!" (pop-up)

The secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmoud Hussein, called for protests on behalf of the group in a statement posted on its website. The demonstration is set to start after Friday prayers at noon, in front of the main mosques in all the governorates of Egypt, according to Egypt Independent news agency. (pop-up)

Iran to stage demonstrations on Friday

Al-Manar news reports that Iranian people in Tehran and other cities plan to stage nationwide demonstrations Friday, while the MEHR News Agency showed students demonstrating and burning the American flag in protest of the movie. (pop-up)


Kuwait and Saudi Arabia hold anti-American protests

Both nations that the US considers friends and allies have held anti-American protests, in which protesters gathered on Thursday in front of the US Embassy in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and a similar protest was also held outside the American consulate in the port city of Jeddah, according to Press TV. (pop-up)


Jordan plans anti-American demonstrations

Islamic Affairs and Awqaf Minister Abdul Salam Abbadi said in a statement, "Jordan strongly condemns this hideous act, which was made by malicious people who seek to sow sedition and harm Islam."

The Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, Islamic Action Front, urged Muslim governments "to stand firm against this racist attack and boycott US and Israeli products," according to Ahram Online. (pop-up)

Nigerians organizing protests

Meanwhile, some angry Muslims believed to be Nigerians are now using social media to mobilize for demonstrations in the country over the movie intended to show how Coptic Christians are oppressed in Egypt, according to Sam Bacile, the American who produced, directed and wrote the two-hour film, and Morris Sadek, the Egyptian-born but US-based Christian who is promoting it.

One of the aggrieved Muslims who goes by the name Maigoro A Abdullahi said in a post sent to Yahoo! Groups, specifically yanarewa@yahoogroups.com and nigerianworldforum@yahoogroups.com: "This protest should be worldwide, US and its ally are evil, whoever involved must face the outrage. Enough is Enough.”

Outraged Muslims across the world have said the film was financed by 100 Jews to paint a negative picture of Islam. The American ambassador, Chris Stevens, who was murdered, had allegedly converted to Islam and was a Sufi.   Add Comments>>






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