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Texas fashion designers-their collections exemplify a beautiful whole

joseph earnest

 Review of the Houston Bridal Extravaganza - photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  July 23, 2012                   

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Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas Last weekend I received an invitation to cover the Annual Houston Bridal Extravaganza Fashion Show, which I attended because it provided me an escape from the doom and gloom news cycle.  The show went on for the entire weekend, with several Texas designers. Also showcased was Ventura's Bridal Collection which included designs by Allure Couture, Casablanca Bridals, Christina Wu, Enzoani Blu, James Clifford, Justin Alexander Couture, Maggie Sottero, San Patrick,  Mori Lee, and many more. I will now write my personal review of the event viewed through the eyes of a journalist, and have included a photo gallery.


Indeed it is the gift and graciousness of nature, that among a diverse generation of fashion designers, only a handful have risen to pre-eminence to demonstrate the finest and most captivating aspects of their profession.


For decades, fashion designers have emerged then disappeared, because they squandered their gifts and talents, by designing clothes that were devoid of style; used fabrics that were shamefully cut; and created garments that were badly executed.


Nature, having recognized the creative void within the fashion industry, ordained that the minds of Texas fashion designers would serve as a source of inspiration and admiration for those within and without the industry.


At the Houston Bridal Extravaganza, Texas talent was on display, as collection after collection enthralled the crowd.  The show was exclusively a wedding collection, and one of the most popular colors for wedding dresses was Champagne, which is similar to Ivory, an off-white color.


joseph earnest

The George R. Brown Convention Center hosted the Annual Bridal Fashion Show in Houston

Photo by Joseph Earnest

Rather than imitate designs of their contemporaries or international brands, Texas fashion designers chose to celebrate nature.  Their aim was to accentuate a woman's natural beauty, rather than create an artificial beauty.

It has been said that natural beauty is a beautiful thing, while artificial beauty is the representation of a beautiful thing.  Because talent is a product of nature, as opposed to an acquired skill, the concepts of the fashion designs are not subject to the rules, but are a product of the exceptions.  Therefore, the cut of the fabric and the fit of the drapery, is meant to embrace a woman's natural form, irrespective of her body's frame, as shown in the picture above.

This explains why women admire such wedding designs ardently...bask in them elegantly...and anticipate new collections so fervently.  The wedding collection exhibits a cross-cultural, multi-national and trans-generational appeal that gives it an enduring and universal quality.

The beauty of the finished wedding dresses creates a profound reality, that even an untrained eye is able to discern the intricacy of the detail, that emanates from the garments.  Nature has so gifted these Texas fashion designers with the ability to create variety in style...portray feminine grandeur...and create harmony between the pieces in correct proportions. One of Houston's most prominent fashion designers Natalie Harris, has perfected this technique for her loyal clients.

joseph earnest

 Houston Bridal Extravaganza Fashion Show - photo by Joseph Earnest


As a journalist, I can with particular observation espouse, that the indefatigable fertility of the minds of the fashion designers who showcased their brands, elaborates itself through the designers' ability to fuse mental expression with practical expression, in order to create designs that exemplify a beautiful whole.


The designs created by minds of infinite beauty and refined disposition...the minds of Texas fashion designers...are undeniably the ultimate handiwork, of the consummate fashion designers.


The ever-growing awareness of artistic expression through fashion design, and the sound judgment of taste by Texas fashion designers, is the noblest glory, and the most enviable, that a fashion designer can attain.    ENTER PHOTO GALLERY >>



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