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Andrew Breitbart to be sued by Shirley Sherrod




 by Joseph Ernest July 29, 2010


Newscast Media -- Former Agriculture Department staffer Shirley Sherrod has said she will sue Andrew Breitbart for posting a video she said was doctored. Sherrod told the National Association of Black Journalists said, "I will definitely do it. I knew it was racism, and no one had to tell me that," she said. "Right will win the end."  Sherrod said Breitbart still hasn't apologized to her.


Even though Breitbart received an invitation by the NABJ to tell his side of the story, they still couldn't reach a compromise regarding the final details.  Sherrod was fired after the video in which she gave a speech to the NAACP was released.


"I wish he (Breitbart) had come here because I would really like to talk to him," Sherrod said.  He has to know that he was targeting me."


At the National Urban League conference, Obama said, "We were reminded this past week that we've still got work to do when it comes to promoting the values of fairness and equality and mutual understanding that must bind us together as a nation."


Sherrod is still pondering whether to accept the offer made to her by the agency which offered to re-employ her.   Add Comments>>                      





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