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BP Oil workers at spill site flee storm as it approaches


 tropical storm bonnie

Three-day forecast path of tropical storm Bonnie


 by Joseph Ernest July 23, 2010


 Newscast Media -- Oil workers for BP are in the process of being evacuated as tropical storm Bonnie approaches the oil spill site.  The U.S. National Hurricane Center reduced it to a tropical depression after crossing southern Florida.  The storm is expected to strengthen as it moves further to the Gulf and could be at the site this weekend.

Adm Allen said, "The seismic survey vessels, the acoustic vessels and the vessels operating the ROVs will stay as long as possible, and if conditions allow it, they will remain through the passage of the storm."

In Louisiana an emergency declaration by Governor Bobby Jindal is underway, and storm alerts are in effect in Alabama, Mississippi, southern Florida and Lousiana. The storm has already caused flooding in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. BP has suspended relief work at all eight of its oil and gas platforms in the Gulf for the next 10-12 days.   Add Comments>>                       







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