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2012 election


CNN Poll: Biden's hysterics cost him debate with Paul Ryan

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by Joseph Earnest  October 12, 2012  

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—With his typical liberal tendencies, Vice President Joe Biden was dismissive and constantly interrupted the man who may eventually replace him—Paul Ryan.  From the very beginning of the debate, Biden's hysterics robbed him of a clear message, while Ryan exhibited confidence and poise as he held his own and answered questions with clarity.


In regard to the Libyan embassy attack, moderator Martha Raddatz at one point asked Ryan, "Governor Romney, and you are talking about this again tonight, talked about the weakness; talked about apologies from the Obama administration. Was that really appropriate right in the middle of the crisis?"


Ryan answered, "On that same day, the Obama administration had the exact same position. Let's recall that they disavowed their own statement that they had put out earlier in the day in Cairo. So we had the same position, but we will -- it's never too early to speak out for our values..."  


As Ryan tried to continue, Joe Biden interrupted and in the crosstalk said, "With all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey." To which Raddazt asked, "And why is that so?"

"Because not a single thing he said is accurate," Biden answered.  He continued to say, "I don't understand what my friend's talking about here."


Even the pro-Obama CNN released its own internal poll showing that by a margin of 51 percent to 41, its viewers felt Ryan expressed himself better than Biden and that the winner of the debate was Paul Ryan with 48 percent to Biden's 44 percent. The poll also showed 70 percent thought Biden spent more time attacking Ryan instead of delivering his message


The next debate will be between Obama and Romney on Tuesday October 16, in New York, where the setting will be a little different, in a town hall format that allows audience members to ask the candidates questions directly.  Add Comments>>





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