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History Channel's The Bible mini-series takes America by storm



by Joseph Earnest March 20, 2013


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasIn December 2012 as I was writing a docu-series on "The Morning Star Unveiled - Lucifer or Jesus Christ?" a friend opined that since the subject was religious by nature, if he were a journalist, he would not publish it.  I ignored his input and published it.  It became the most read article I have ever written in my journalism career. A few weeks later I followed up with "The Trinity Unveiled" which even surpassed the Morning Star in readership.


A few weeks ago, on February 28, the History Channel debuted the mini-series called The Bible directed by husband and wife team Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.  The series has taken America by storm and has also baffled Hollywood and the media.  It is breaking records as the most watched cable broadcast in the history of television.


This is proof that there is still a hunger for programs that emphasize core values and morality.  I have included a recap of the series below for those who have not watched it yet.  It will also be out on DVD and Blu-ray on April 2.



Recap of History Channel's The Bible mini-series


Burnett who has produced shows like Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, Family Guy, American Dad, Survivor and many others, has found a way of using his skills as a producer to convey his message to an audience, and as a Hollywood insider, he has put everything on the line since it is considered taboo in Tinseltown and also in the media to demonstrate one's love or belief in God.


What I've learned about the phenomenon taking place, is that as people get older, if they were fortunate to have had core values instilled in them as youths, somehow, those values find ways of manifesting themselves for the good of mankind, without being puritanical. However, those who are constantly concerned about trying to fit in and be accepted in a heavily hedonistic culture, end up leading unproductive and unfulfilled lives, and in the end, their lives are just a giant experiment.


The Bible was initially supposed to be a "docu-drama" with experts explaining the scenes, but the shooting of the entire series in Morocco went so well, the producer decided to let each episode speak for itself.  The result is a triumph in TV history of a subject that only the brave dare tackle.   Add Comments>>   


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