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Biased liberal media Huffington Post removes GOP logo

gop tampa

Actual photo of GOP stage with Republican National Convention 2012 logo

-Photo by Joseph Earnest

by Joseph Earnest  August 28, 2012              

Newscast Media TAMPA, Fla—The liberal media initially was excited about the prospect of Tropical Storm Isaac ruining the Republican National Convention--that did not happen.


The liberal media is now being disingenuous with its audience and misrepresenting what is actually happening at the convention. For example liberal Web site Huffington Post has removed the Republican National Convention 2012 logo from the photograph and is doing a disservice to both its audience and the profession of journalism.  They have "blacked-out" the reference that it is a Republican Convention taking place.  See below the biased Huffington Post photo:


If you compare this screen capture to the photo taken by Newscast Media, you'll

notice the biased HuffPo has "blacked-out" the RNC 2012 logo.  Absurd!


[+] Click here to see full-sized biased "Screen capture" at Huffington Post


Below is a raw video of the venue and the stage demonstrating the liberal media bias in its portrayal of the events that are unfolding.  The logo is prominent in the video below. Watch and decide for yourself:

Video of inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum with RNC 2012 prominently-displayed logo

Video by Joseph Earnest


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