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Dr. Benjamin Carson rocks the house at CPAC 2013

ben carson

 Neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson was one of the speakers at the annual CPAC


by Joseph Earnest March 16, 2013


Newscast Media BALTIMORENewscast Media was unable to attend and cover CPAC 2013 due to prior commitments, but we are bringing you the speech that attendees were most impressed by, given by Dr. Benjamin Carson. A free-flowing and natural speaker who does not speak from a script, Carson gave a speech that appealed to the intellect rather than emotions of the attendees.

"If I were trying to destroy this nation...let's say you just magically put me into the White House, [applause] let's say, somebody was there, and they wanted to destroy this nation. What would you do? Let me tell you what I would do," he said. "First of all, I would create division among the people. I would have everybody pitted against each other, because a wise man by the name of Jesus said, a house divided against itself, cannot stand. And then, I would encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality, for principles that made and sustained the country...And then, I would undermine the financial stability of the country, and drive it so far into debt, that there was absolutely no chance that it would recover, and I would weaken the military, and destroy the morale of the military.  That's what I would do, and I guarantee you, it would work. Now, the question is, it appears coincidentally, that those are the very things that are happening right now."

On the media

"It's almost laughable, some of the things that I hear people say, that criticize you, they say, 'He's a neurosurgeon, he couldn't know anything about economics.'" Carson then brings the audience to a thunderous applause when he responds by saying, "It [economics] is not brain surgery." Watch video:


Complete speech by Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC 2013  (Audio isn't the best, but it suffices)

"I can tell you this even as a lowly brain surgeon, if you have the highest corporate tax rates in the world, then of course corporations are going to have money elsewhere. Corporations are not in business to be corporate welfare organizations, they are there to make moneya wise government know how to use that, to their advantage."

Carson concluded by saying, "People don't want to talk about God, and don't you dare mention Jesus Christ, and this is supposed to be a country where we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech? We need to know, that we are not each other's enemies in this country.  It is only the political class that derives power, by creating friction. It is only the media, that derives it's importance, by creating frictionthat uses every little thing to create this chasm between people."                                    Add Comments>>   

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benjamin carson

Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson rattles Washington D.C. and the media









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