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Beautiful View by Kelsey Lewis - Exemplified Through Musical Expression

kelsey lewis

Singer-Songwriter Kelsey Lewis graces the jacket of her album Beautiful View


Editorial review by Joseph Earnest, Newscast Media July 5, 2013

                                                          Updated by Joseph Earnest  July 9, 2013


Newscast Media FORT WORTHA musician will produce works of little merit if he or she is not actively involved in the process of creating the musical pieces, but leaves the task to others.  


Yet if singers and songwriters apply themselves and infuse artistic expression with creative imagination, they will produce music of supreme sublimity that resonates with the intended audience.


Such, is the work of Texas singer and songwriter Kelsey Lewis from her debut album Beautiful View, released on July 2, which is a combination of pop and easy listening, and could easily fit the "indie pop" genre.


"I wrote songs about my life and each song's personality radiated through the music that was created, Kelsey said. "We tried to combine a lot of them with the music that we were creating, so who knows what it will end up really being categorized," she added, in describing her musical acumen.


Beautiful View is an album that has to be savored in its entirety, because it is meant to delight and fill the listener with felicity, through lyrical storytelling by the singer.


The name of the album cover was inspired by the thrilling excitement of knowing someone, experiencing life with that person, and being in a state of mind that creates a "beautiful view" on one's perspective of life and love, due to the rewarding nature of authentic relationships.


The album includes other tracks like Ruby Red Shoes, Up In The Air, Falling, Don't Write a Song, Naive, When Pigs Fly, Talking To The Sky, Calendar, and also Kelsey Lewis' rendition of Catch A Falling Star by none other than Perry Como.


About the song Catch A Falling Star, Kelsey remarked, "I love this song because it reminds us to always look for the bright, life-enriched moments and to tuck them deep into our hearts for safekeeping, especially for those 'rainy days.' This song always makes me smile and constantly impresses upon me the beauty of this life and how it is so drenched with detail...details to catch and keep forever."


Beautiful View debuted at #47 on Amazon's Top 100 Singer-Songwriters category in the 'Pop' genre on its first day, (pop-up) and at #67 in Singer-Songwriters category in the Alternative Rock genre. (pop-up)


In less than a week of Beautiful View's release, it had cracked Amazon's Top 10 charts in the Hot New Releases Singer-Songwriters category and comfortably made its way to #8. (pop-up)


Exactly a week after the release of Beautiful View it became #1 on Amazon.com's charts in the Singer-Songwriter category. (pop-up).


You may follow Beautiful View's movement "in real time" on the the Amazon.com charts by clicking this hyperlink in the Singer-Songwriters category.


Produced by Richie Biggs (engineer of "The Civil Wars") and Mark Hill (bass player for Reba McEntire) who own 2V Productions, Beautiful View has an ensemble of talented musicians namely: Jerry McPherson (electric guitar), Steve Brewster (drums), Jason Webb (keyboard), Mark Hill (bass), Jeff King (guitar), Dustin Ransom (keyboard), Evan Hutchings (drums), Aaron Sterling (drums), Christine Dente (vocals), and Sam Ashworth (vocals).


Beautiful View was marvelously composed and performed, allowing Kelsey and her band to transcend the limitations of a traditional and predictable style and form, while maintaining originality and fidelity to their chosen discipline in the performing arts.

              *Beautiful View can also be found on iTunes. (pop-up)










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