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2012 election


Part II-Taming the beast within when left to our own devices


 A cloudy day in front of Buckingham Palace, London-England


by Joseph Earnest  September 27, 2012            

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasThe first part of this series shows a female sculpture that exudes peace and wholeness, but opposite that statue is also another one of a male figure, with a lion raising a torch that has flames, shown above.


My interpretation would be, this is a man who in addition to having inner peace, has also gone through a transformation or experienced an awakening. This is because one of the purposes of fire is to purify. In order to separate pure metals from their alloys, or transform them from one state to another, they have to be put through a fiery furnace and heated at very high temperatures for the separation to take place.  So the flame that is being raised in this image, signifies a transformed and refined person in an awakened state of consciousness, while the tamed lion (beast) denotes someone who has harnessed the wild aspect of his nature.


One can only attain such a state after realizing, one exists to serve a purpose greater than oneself. It is that state of awareness that keeps some people up late at night and gets them up early in the morning.  


There are doctors who recommend unnecessary expensive surgical procedures, just so they can pay off a yacht, or build a vacation home, because to them the Hippocratic Oath means nothing.  The Hippocratic Oath is an oath taken by medical practitioners and health care professionals to practice medicine ethically and honestly.


There are college professors who will not hesitate to sabotage a student's grades by flunking a student who holds a different political or worldview than that professor. Such educators do so because they are on some sort of power trip.


There are attorneys who are dishonest and deceive their clients by unnecessarily prolonging litigation, or playing both sides as a double agent, because their oath to protect the Constitution and abide by the ethical codes set by the B.A.R association means nothing to them.  They are only driven by money, and nothing else.


There are politicians who advocate creating strife where none exists, because peace nauseates them and they get satisfaction from controlling the less powerful.


The measure of a person is observed not when that person is powerless, but when such an individual is in a position of power and influence, and how he or she uses it to either add value to other people's lives, or devalue them through oppressive means.


Even someone sweet and tender in a position of power, can self-destruct if that person's actions are not focused on the greater good for mankind.  When Joan of Arc believed that the Archangel Michael had spoken to her about leading the French to liberation from the British, she requested an audience with the Dauphin Charles, and was able to convince him to let her lead the French troops to war.  Even as a teenager, Joan of Arc who came from a peasant family with no education at all, had mastered the art of reading people. Joan of Arc did indeed lead the French army to victory in the Battle of Orleans and was named the Maid of Orleans.


However, she became drunk with her own power.  Her soldiers were exhausted, yet she insisted on fighting the British and Burgundy army who had put Paris under siege. With only 300 men, the temperamental Joan attempted to attack 6,000 Burgundians. She was eventually knocked off her horse by an archer, and sold her to the British. Because she claimed she was speaking to God and was divinely led, she was burned at the stake for heresy by the British.  After the Dauphin Charles was crowned King of France, he did everything to rehabilitate her reputation.  She eventually was tried posthumously, and was exonerated in a reverse trial. In 1920 she was canonized by the pope into sainthood, and is France's patron saint to this day.


The point is, Joan of Arc did not know when to stop. She continued to stubbornly plow through because she had been put in a position of power, and inevitably, this sweet, humble teenager, turned into a monster and died at only 19 years of age.


If you contrast her with King Louis XIV of France the "Sun King" there is a remarkable difference in the way they dispensed power. Louis XIV was the most powerful and pre-eminent monarch in Europe and could pretty much take anything he wished by force.  Yet when he needed the services of Europe's greatest artist, GianLorenzo Bernini, who at the time was working in Rome under the patronage of Pope Alexander VII, the king wrote a letter, and as show of respect and honor to the pope signed it: "...From Your Most Devoted Son, Louis." The pope granted him his wish.


Our lives do not gain significance from how many patients and clients we deceive or defraud, or how many lives we unnecessarily endanger, or futures we destroy; our significance comes from how we use what is at our disposal to inspire and transform the lives of those around us. Very much like the symbolism behind the statute in the photo above of a man holding a torch with flames of fire that signify transformation.            Add Comments>>


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