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Assange denied safe passage by Britain after receiving asylum

 william hague

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague


by Joseph Earnest  August 16, 2012                   


Newscast Media LONDON—After being granted political asylum by Ecuador, Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague said Julian Assange would not be allowed safe passage out of the country, and efforts to extradite him to Sweden would continue.

"Under our law, with Assange having exhausted all options of appeal, the British authorities are under a binding obligation to extradite him to Sweden. We must carry out that obligation and, of course, we fully intend to do so," the foreign secretary said at a press conference.

"We will not allow Assange safe passage out of the UK, nor is there any legal basis for us to do so. We will remain fully committed to seeking a legal and binding bilateral solution to this with the government of Ecuador," he added.

Hague also said the purpose of diplomatic immunity should not be to escape the court system when one is in trouble with the law.

"It is important to understand that this is not about Assange's activities at Wikileaks or the attitude of the United States of America. He is wanted in Sweden to answer allegations of serious sexual offenses," Hague said, adding that diplomatic asylum "should not be used for the purposes of escaping the regular processes of the courts."

Before the announcement, Ecuadorian President Rafael tweeted that they weren't scared of anybody.

rafael correa

Tweet from Ecuadorian president translates to: "At this time, from Foreign Ministry official  Ricardo Ecuador will announce decision on Assange case. Nobody is going to scare us!"


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