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Syria's Bashar Assad: We are fighting a war not a battle



by Joseph Earnest May 6, 2015


Newscast Media DAMASCUSSyrian President Bashar al-Assad said that Damascus is fighting a war, not a battle, noting that the war is a series of many battles.

Addressing crowds in Damascus on the occasion of Syria’s Martyrs Days, President Assad said that in order “to triumph we must believe in our cause and in victory.”

"Today we are fighting a war, not a battle. War is not one battle, but a series of many battles," the Syrian leader said as he was touring Schools of the sons and daughters of the Syrian army martyrs.

"We are not talking about tens or hundreds but thousands of battles and ... it is the nature of battles for there to be advances and retreats, victories and losses, ups and downs."

“The army will soon lift the siege of those heroes who are blockaded in Jisr al-Shogour,” President Assad said referring to the Syrian Army soldiers who are besieged by Takfiri thugs in the town which lies in the northwestern province of Idleb.

Massacres committed by Ottomans against Syrians are being repeated today but with different tools and names, President Assad said, referring to martyrs who were executed  by Ottomans in the last century.  Add Comments>>

Source: Al Manar TV News











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