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Donald Trump leads the pack in New York and California

donald trump


by Joseph Earnest April 18, 2016


Newscast Media WASHINGTON—Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to maintain a commanding lead in New York, California and Pennsylvania, as he looks to lock in the GOP nomination by June 7.


To many of his supporters, Trump is the ultimate political outsider who is not influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups, since he is financing his own campaign, therefore has earned the trust of legions of voters who believe that once he is elected president, he will work for the interests of America and the American people.


To others, Trump represents the opposite of feminism that looks down upon manliness and manly men, while exalting the metrosexual or men who subconsciously hate themselves because they have been indoctrinated to falsely believe that they are inferior to women.


Another aspect his legions (both men and women) find appealing is his lack of political correctness, where he speaks from his heart and doesn't have to be second-guessed, which is very rare to find in American politics and media.


Because men and women are inherently drawn to "alpha males" who represent the leaders and protectors of a tribe, Donald Trump has been able to get away with the most controversial statements, while maintaining the loyalty of his followers. Other candidates have been very careful to pussyfoot around controversial topics such as immigration, abortion and certain aspects of foreign policy involving allies like China, Russia and Mexico.


The latest CBS polls show the following numbers in New York, California and Pennsylvania:


Donald Trump 54%

Ted Cruz          21%

John Kasich     19%



Donald Trump   49%

Ted Cruz            31%

John Kasich       16%



Donald Trump   46%

Ted Cruz            26%

John Kasich       23%


Should Trump's numbers in New York hold up on Tuesday April 19, and is able to win over 50 percent in all or most of the 14 congressional districts, Trump would sweep the majority of the 95 delegates, to offset recent gains made by his opponent Ted Cruz.                             Add Comments>>
















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