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Anti-jihad ad okayed by federal judge to go up in New York

 subway ad

                                  Anti-jihad ad to start running in New York subways


by Joseph Earnest  September 22, 2012  


Newscast Media NEW YORK—While Muslims were carrying out and continue to anti-American protests around the world, a New York federal judge gave the green light for an anti-jihad ad to run in New York subways.  Opponents of the ad say that the ad depicts Muslims as savages and is offensive.  The judge who okayed the ad argued that it was part of freedom of speech to allow the sponsors of the ad to run it, and there is nothing that can be done to stop them.


In one of my recent articles, I wrote that the protests around the world could be a set up that plays in the hands of those who stereotype Muslims as violent people. The article can be found here. (pop-up)

Sure enough, a French magazine announced it was publishing cartoons that make fun of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, which is an obvious provocation to stir up Muslims to commit violent acts, and therefore validate or equate savagery to Muslims.

Now the mainstream media is waking up to what the Alternative Media had already discerned, and is now talking about the timing of the new ad that will be running in New York city subways.  Watch:


Anti-jihad ad goes up in New York City --Video courtesy FOX News


Muslims and Arabs, as we all know, have been under surveillance in New York, and this is just bait, to lure those who might be perceived as dangerous, into committing violence, so they can be arrested.  


Remember, the day the French announced they would publish cartoons of Mohammed  is the same day the media announced that Jesus Christ had a secret wife.  This of course was to insult Christians with a text that is an obvious forgery. Christians believe Jesus did not have any sexual relations with women and was celibate. So to suggest he had a wife, that the Holy Bible or even the Qu'ran fail to mention, is to suggest the wife was secret, whom Jesus somehow was trying to hide.


Why would two publications be made on the same day, one insulting Christians (the Jesus wife story) and the other insulting Muslims (the cartoons)?  The reason is to depict Christians as rational because they did not react to the story, while Muslims as violent or savage, because of the way they are reacting. So the ad simply reinforces what people's minds are being conditioned into believing. It's all politics.


Former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "In politics, nothing happens by accident.  If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." Add Comments>>






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