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Iraqi forces cut 80 percent of ISIS supply lines in Anbar

syrian rebels


 by Joseph Earnest June 15, 2015


Newscast Media BAGHDADISIS militants have launched suicide attacks, using car bombs in areas around Ramadi in Anbar and Baiji in Salahuddin. These attacks came after the destruction of rocket-launchers and heavy weapons belonging to ISIS militants.

The spokesman of Anbar tribes, Mohammed al- Heart confirmed cutting 80 percent of ISIS supplies lines in the province.

A security source said that the Rapid Intervention Forces managed during clashes with ISIS to kill four elements in al-Harariyat area in al-karma district, as well as destroying rocket launchers in the same area.

Iraqi Ministry of Defense confirmed that the Air Force launched aerial strikes against ISIS in Baghdad, Tigris and Samarra Operations resulted in the killing of large numbers of extremists and the destruction of camps containing weapons and other equipment and explosive devices.    Add Comments>>


Source: Iraqi News














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