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Obama's executive action on immigration to affect Blacks



by Joseph Earnest  November 13, 2014   


Newscast Media WASHINGTONReports from various media outlets indicate that Obama plans to take executive action on immigration in the coming weeks. FOX news was among the first to report that it could come as early as next Friday. (pop-up)  


According to Yahoo, The Times said Obama's plan will provide more opportunities for immigrants with high-tech skills and add security resources to the border with Mexico.

Mitch McConnell, who will be Senate majority leader starting in January, said if Obama took unilateral action on immigration, it would be like "waving a red flag in front of a bull."

A nation of immigrants

America is a nation of immigrants that made it the greatest nation in the world. There should not be a problem with granting aliens legal status if they go through the proper procedures and complete the necessary paperwork like the rest of the immigrants who went through the right channels.

However, the unilateral action that Obama plans to take is an act that even Liberals are against because they too were victims of the recession and are still trying to get back on their feet like the Conservatives whom they despise. The executive action will create a shift in employment, because all the low wage and low skilled jobs will be quickly taken up by the immigrant class. This is a reality that even Democrats are coming to grips with because it affects them and their children.

Low information voters

Perhaps the group of Liberals that will be affected the most are Blacks, since they have the highest unemployment rate. Obama knows that Blacks are low information voters who do not use critical thinking when they vote—the Black American voter votes based on emotion. This is why Obama received over 90 percent of the Black vote, and on re-election he got an encore from the same group, without promising them anything in return. Obama could never pull that stunt with non-Black voters.

However, it is not just Blacks that are regarded as low on information, in a recent article, architects of Obamacare said that they were able to pass it because American voters are too stupid to understand the difference between a tax increase and an alleged insurance policy. (pop-up)

Blacks who do not have jobs will be unable to compete in the job market because employers are beginning to seek bilingual employees, who are proficient in both English and Spanish, regardless of one's qualifications.

The majority of the population is White, followed by Hispanics (whose legal numbers will increase after Obama's executive action), Blacks fall into third place, and will never outgrow the Hispanic population due to the high rate of abortion among Black women.

According to a study called the Summary of Vital Statistics done in 2012, Black women in America kill more babies than they produce which explains why the Black population in America is stagnant despite the 400 years in America. See table below:


This study was done in New York state which is one of the largest states, but is reflective of the Black experience across America.

The above table shows that Hispanics have 36,642 live births and 22,917 induced terminations (abortions); Asians have 21,149 live births and 4,493 abortions; Whites have 39,112 live births and 9,704 abortions, while Black women have 24,758 live births and an astounding 31,328 abortionsevery single year. How can Blacks in America compete with other races when more Blacks are being aborted than born?

The American Black doesn't see the danger in killing her infants at a higher rate than she bears them. Obama knows that Blacks are destroying themselves, so the future labor force will have to come from Hispanics, therefore he is investing more in their future than in Blacks. Click here to read or download entire study. (pop-up)

Black voters being used as "political condoms" by Liberals

To the Obama administration and previous Democrats, Black voters are nothing but political condoms. That is to say, use them when you need them, then discard them. Yet you cannot blame the Dems. Black are constantly getting the short end of the stick and haven't woken up yet. They keep voting for people who spit on them after getting their vote. Every other group has had its demands met, except Blacks.

Let's start with the homosexuals: They asked for a repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell" they got it. They asked for gay marriage (which is an oxymoron because only heterosexuals fit the definition of marriage) and they got it. They asked for employment and insurance benefits and other rights, they got them.

Let's take a look at Whites. Wall Street is driven by mostly White CEOs. They asked for bailouts, they got them. They asked for Troubled Assets Relief Program money (TARP), they got that, to the tune of $1.3 trillion. This triggered the Occupy Wall Street fake protests that occurred in 2012. In the labor force, Whites have a lower unemployment rate than Blacks, because politicians listen to them due to the fact that their population is the largest in America. They are using their numbers as leverage to get what they want. The downside is that Whites are more prone to suicide, even after accumulating material success.

Hispanics and Asians have pressed Obama for amnesty and immigration reform, they are soon going to get that...and you cannot blame them for being assertive, unlike the passive Black voter.

What do Blacks have to show for electing a Black president?

Let's see...highest unemployment rate ever since the depression...rising poverty levels... an increase in being dependant on government programs and a much longer time to become reintegrated in the workforce after job loss due to downsizing, outsourcing and merging of conglomerates.

This journalist has publicly advised Blacks to become registered Independents if Democrats are ever going to take them seriously. When the Democrats realize Blacks are leaving their plantation and becoming Independents who can actually swing elections one way or the other, they will  start to listen.

For now, there is nothing to motivate Democrats to take Blacks seriously, since the Black voters give the impression that it is permissible to take them for granted and still be rewarded.

As for Obama, he doesn't have to do diddly squat for Blacks who voted for him, yet they will still give him an NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award. Add Comments>>














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