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The rise of alternative medicine as a solution to illness


Natural herbal remediesPhoto by Joseph Earnest


 by Joseph Earnest June 26, 2015


Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—The past two decades have experienced a continual rise in alternative medicine to cure ailments that the medical community has either been unable to cure, or recommended expensive surgery for particular ailments.


Health practitioners who primarily use nutritional supplements, change in lifestyle and diet to cure incurable diseases are naturopathic doctors with an "N.D." at the end of their names, meaning naturopathic doctor.


The field of naturopathy obviously makes big pharmaceutical companies nervous because they cannot patent herbs and other remedies that are abundant in nature. It is because of this very reason, that even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tightly regulated practitioners of ethnomedicine, and on several occasions prosecuted them for practicing medicine without a license.


Some of the instances in which the FDA has pursued those who claimed to heal naturally are legitimate, because many poorly-educated herbalists who never went to college to become certified NDs, take advantage of people with health infirmities. In such cases, the FDA is right in throwing the book at them.


However, there are some other verifiable reports in which people have been cured or incurable diseases have been reversed, but because "big pharma" would face stiff competition, these legitimate naturopathic doctors are restricted in what they can claim to cure.


Today, in America, some of the leading health conditions women suffer from are fibroid tumors and endometriosis, while the equivalent in men would be prostrate conditions. Other than diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer that are not race-specific, it appears that uterine and prostate conditions seem to surface more often in people of African descent. This is also true for Afro Latinos and Latinas, and Afro Caribbeans.


Before we proceed, we have to define ethnomedicine, which is the diagnosis and treatment of disease based upon the biochemistry of race.


This means, that people of African descent are best treated by doctors of similar race, who understand the biochemistry of Blacks. We've all heard the saying that "we are all the same regardless of race." That is not true.


For example, non-Blacks need less vitamins per square inch of skin while Blacks need more vitamins per square inch of skin.  It is the reason why when a Black person goes to be diagnosed by a non-Black doctor, that doctor may not find anything wrong after all the blood tests are done. Most medical doctors are trained in Western medicine, and have made the standard treatment for everyone correspond to ailments that afflict Europeans or other non-Blacks.


By the time such doctors who trained in Western medicin realize their Black patient is deficient in a certain mineral, that patient is really sick, and will take a lot of effort to bring the patient back to being a normal, functioning, person who is whole.


For example, most White people are lactose-tolerant while about 75 percent of Blacks are lactose intolerant. (Discovering Biological Psychology, Chapter 9, pp. 272).


Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the lactose sugar found in milk and other diary products. While infants are lactose tolerant, many adults are not, because the ones who suffer from lactose intolerance lack the enzyme lactase, which breaks down lactose to glucose and galactose. (Principles of Anatomy & Physiology, pp. 671-672).


Nevertheless, a person of African descent who is even low on minerals makes an excellent organ donor, that's why in the organ trafficking business, Africans are highly-sought to be made victims of this practice.  It is also well-known that milk from an African woman to its child, has the highest nutritious content known. The athleticism of Blacks is therefore no mistake--it simply reflects the genetic structure of the race, but on the other hand, the high rates of preventable diseases in the Black race are reflective of its deviation from Mama Africa and the ancestral diet.


The diet, therefore, of the man or woman, boy or child of African descent should reflect the culture of origin, since food, just like music, is a cultural construct.


You won't find a Chinese dining at a soul food restaurant on MLK Boulevard. You certainly won't see an Italian at the popular Jamaican restaurants called Likkle Tings, which translated to English means "Little Things." How about a Cuban or Mexican at an Ethiopian restaurant?  These occurrences are very rare, and if they happen, it is because the person breaking the norms is involved in some sort of business with the other and is simply trying to fit in to secure a favorable outcome of the business undertaking.


The health problems we see in Black America and in Africans who live in the Diaspora, namely: Brazil, Latin America and Europe, are directly related to the diet and lifestyle. When Africans were exported across the world over 400 years ago, they were never allowed to carry their food with them. They were assimilated to blend with the Western way of living and eating.


All the foods that are high in sugar, fat and are mostly-fried became part of the African diet, yet on the Continent, the African was eating natural food without added chemicals. You've never seen an overweight animal in the wild, or a sick one, have you? However, when those animals are domesticated, and their diet is changed, they start having all sorts of health and weight problems.


When one travels to the Continent, one quickly realizes why sickness is so pervasive and why Africans have a short life span.  The culprit is the introduction of imported and processed foods from China, India, Europe and Arabia.


Yet another greater surprise is that the lawmakers are now openly campaigning to introduce Genetically Modified Organisms or food (GMOs) in the name of "keeping at the same pace" with the rest of the world. As corrupt as the politicians are, who care nothing about the natives but their own pockets, they may succeed in introducing these foods, if they are not resisted, and Africans will become food slaves in their own land.


The reason is simple. GMOs and hybrids do not reproduce. One always has to go back to the distributor of the seeds to buy a new crop. GMO practitioners make money off of the selfishness of political leaders and the ignorance of the population embracing their unnatural products filled with pesticides and mutant genes.


In America, not everyone can afford organic food, which is about five times more expensive than conventional food, yet you look at Africans in the Motherland, replacing food in its natural state with mutant food because they too want to be "modern" like Europe and America. While Europe and America are  moving toward fruits vegetables, organic, kosher and halal foods, the African is filling his stomach with food infested with pesticides, growth hormones, preservatives and antibiotics, because that is what a modern society does. How bizarre!


Africa should be the one feeding the rest of the world, not the other way around. The greatest assets Africa has are its fertile land and all-year-around weather that is suitable for agriculture. In America, just to grow a simple flower garden, one has to purchase bags of soil to facilitate easy germination. Yet when one visits Africa, one quickly notices that farmlands are being replaced by shopping malls and arcades, wetlands are being filled with sand and apartment buildings erected, land is sold at giveaway price to the so-called investor, who is actually a front man masquerading for corrupt politicians.


Indians tend to be favorite candidates to pose a owners of hotels, banks, private schools, and sporting venues, because that is how the corrupt politician can stay under the radar without paying taxesand, if investigated, the businesses are not in the politicians' names but in the names of the Indians or Turkish pretenders. It is the reason why even after Obama froze Gaddafi's assets, the Colonel could still generate billions, and still does, because he used "front men" to hide his assetsa trick sub-Saharan African leaders learned well from their former mentor.


If only these leaders would realize how wealthy the African landscape is and focus more on building storehouses for food, preserving plants facing extinction, reforestation, afforestation, research into plant cures, and conserving nature, no country in the world would be able to order them around, because they would have a monopoly on the fuel for lifefood. This is how the oil cartel, namely the Arabs, have maintained a monopoly on the fuel industryoil and natural gas, while America has maintained a monopoly on the media, technology, and entertainment.


Most of America's food comes from Mexico and Hawaii, yet the African is sitting on Gold and doesn't even notice it. Europe imports a great deal of food from Latin America too, yet Africans are leasing large swathes of land to Chinese, Indians and so forth, who grow foods like rice, coconuts and sugar, ship it to their countries, then repackage and sell it back to the Africans for a profit.


Africa should be referred to as "the food cartel" and it will gain the global respect it deserves, instead of being thought of as a place where starvation and disease are rampant, which is not true. African leaders fear to show the brighter side of Africa because they believe the Western donors will withhold money from them, upon realizing that Africans aren't that destitute after all. It is the same reason why African countries rejected the cure for AIDS, because HIV is a very big industry for them and a vehicle to amass wealth. They are not interested in a cure. "Let the people die, while our pockets get deeper," the African leader says to himself.


In regard to the cause and cure of disease, practitioners of ethnomedicine contend that all diseases are curable, even though their explanations of what causes disease varies. Western medicine claims disease is caused by viruses, fungi, bacteria and other pathogens that attack a weakened immune system, or act opportunistically to weaken or compromise it, resulting in sickness. Others believe some illnesses are genetic, or as a result of exposure for a lengthy amount of time, to toxins, making the body acidic and susceptible to disease. Some say disease has more to do with a person's lifestyle.


Ethnomedicine practitioners contend that there is only one disease and it is called a mucus disease. They believe if the mucus membrane is compromised anywhere in the body, the result is disease. For example, if there is inflammation on the mucus membrane of the lungs, it is called pneumonia, on the bronchioles it is called bronchitis, in the urethra, it would be urinary tract infection, if the mucus membrane thickens around the heart it would be heart disease, on the endometrium layer it would be endometriosis and so forth.


Naturally one would wonder about cancer, diabetes, AIDS and so forth. The naturopathic practitioner would say in whatever part of the body the cancer appears, the mucus membrane has been compromised. As for AIDS, the mucus is in the blood, lymphatic and endocrine systems. Diabetes, they argue, is as a result of the pancreatic duct being clogged with mucus which prevents the Islets of Langerhans from firing off insulin to breakdown glucose to glycogen, leading to diabetes, or the neccesity of insulin shots.


Since diseases are primarily caused by food, it follows that disease should be cured by food or herbs.


It would then make sense to drain the body, from a cellular level, of the clogged mucus and toxin buildup with herbs, since even the Holy Scriptures themselves direct us to use herbs to heal ourselves naturally, as shown below:


Revelation 22:2And the leaves (herbs) of the tree are for the healing of the nations.


Jeremiah 8:22 Is there no balm (herb) in Gilead; is there no physician there? Why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered? (Balm is a herb that produces a substance used in medicine to heal). —KJV


Ezekiel 47:12 And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf (herbs) thereof for medicine.  —KJV


Genesis 1:29And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed, to you it shall be for meat: —KJV


The question we should now ask is, if God Himself created herbs to heal our diseases, why on earth are practitioners of Western medicine giving patients chemicals manufactured by pharmaceutical companies? Why is it that when preachers fall sick they take pharmaceutical drugs instead of herbs? Why are some of the most unhealthy people on earth Christians, yet God repeatedly points to herbs from Genesis to Revelation, as the source of healing?


If I were a preacher or religious figure, rather than emphasize on acquiring knowledge in theology, I would require my staff to complete a course in naturopathy or ethnomedicine while on the job.  This would allow the staff to be able to treat churchgoers of ailments with the use of herbs as God recommends.


The man who has an enlarged prostate might opt for surgery if he visits a practitioner of Western medicine, while the naturopath may recommend a combination of the herbs Echinacea + Pygeum as the cure.


A man with a low sperm count might be subjected to an extensive series of fertility treatments by a practitioner of Western medicine, while the naturopath may put him on the herbs Saw Palmetto + Sarsaparilla, to boost the sperm count in only nine days.


A woman with a yeast problem might be recommended to use creams and ointments by a practitioner of Western medicine, while the naturopath may recommend the herb

Pau d'Arco.


Someone vulnerable to flu might be told to get flu shots, while a naturopath may recommend the herbs Elderberry or Oil of Oregano to the same person.


A woman suffering from fibroids or cysts might be told by a practitioner of Western medicine to get a hysterectomy, while the naturopath may recommend the herb called Red Clover to dissolve them.


Someone with arthritis might be put on steroids by a practitioner of Western medicine, while the naturopath may put the same person on the herbs White Willow + Fever Few to combat the pain and inflammation.


Instead of using mass-produced multivitamins manufactured in laboratories by big pharma, a naturopath may recommend the herb Moringa, that many believe is the tree of life and a superfood.


Because these herbs exist in nature and do not have side-effects like the pharmaceutical drugs, they will continue to rise in popularity and surpass pharmaceutical drugs, and sooner than later, a law will be passed where insurance companies not only will be required to cover prescription medicine, but also alternative medicine or herbs recommended by naturopaths.  Add Comments>>












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