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Somali al-Shabab backers rounded up by US


 eric holder


 by Joseph Ernest August 5, 2010


Newscast Media -- A total of 14 people have been rounded up and indicted by US law enforcement officials for allegedly attempting to provide assistance to Somali terrorist group al-Shabab.


US attorney general Eric Holder announced the indictments on Thursday, and said at least two of those arrested were US citizens.  Of the 10 men who had been charged with terrorism offenses for leaving the US to join al-Shabab as foreign fighters, seven had been charged, either by indictment, or criminal complaint.


Holder said, "In the district of Minnesota alone a total of 19 people have now been charged in connection with this investigation. Nine have been arrested in the US or overseas, five of whom have already pleaded guilty. Ten of the charged defendants are not in custody and are believed to be overseas."


Among the indicted, two were Somali-born US citizens living in Minnesota.  Amina Farah Ali and Hawo Mohamed Hassan were accused of raising money and sending it to al-Shabab, and lying to FBI investigators.  The indictment said the two were charged in a 16-count indictment ranging from raising money for al-Shabab using door-to-door techniques in Somali communities in Minnesota and Canada, to teleconferencing and raising funds, claiming the monies would be used to help the poor and destitute in Somalia.


According to the indictment, Ali was accused of sending $8,600 to al-Shabab.

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