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Nasrallah: West is luring al-Qaeda into Syria to be killed by Bashar Assad


L-R: Hezbollah's Nasrallah, Syria's Assad and Iran's Ahmadinejad


by Joseph Earnest  December 18, 2012 


Newscast Media DAMASACASDuring a speech he gave two days ago, Hezbollah's Secretary General, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said al-Qaeda had been lured into Syria to be killed by the Syrian army, according to Islam Times.


"The situation in Syria is getting more complicated (but) anyone who thinks the armed opposition can settle the situation on the ground is very, very, very mistaken. The West and some allied Arab countries have lured al-Qaeda-affiliated militants into Syria to be killed," he said.


Nasrallah believes that al-Qaeda fighters have been tricked into entering the lion's den. His logic makes a lot of sense, because the West could not kill them in the mountains where they were hiding, so they were promised a few guns and bullets and sent to the front lines, where they would be sitting ducks.


Assad has single-handedly killed more al-Qaeda than anyone else in the past 21 months, so he is very useful to the West.  All the West has to do, is (i) pretend that they hate Assad, (ii) use the gullible media to spread that narrative, (iii) arm al-Qaeda rebels, (iv) make-believe they (the rebels) are legitimate by recognizing them officially, and (v) send them into the snake pit, knowing they will not return alive. 


Al-Qaeda in Syria is a captive audience because they are all congregating in one country, as opposed to being spread out in caves in the Afghan mountains.

"I warn al-Qaeda: the Americans and the European countries and Arab and Islamic countries have set a trap for you in Syria, and opened for you a battlefield so you come from across the world… to be killed and to kill each other," Nasrallah emphasized in his speech published by Islam Times. (pop-up)

There are already western intelligence reports from Al-Manar that Assad's army has the upper hand, and Syria has already signed multi-billion dollar contracts exclusively with Russia, for the reconstruction of destroyed parts of Syria. (pop-up)

Russia has also sent additional warships to the Mediterranean, according to Russia's Defense Ministry.    Add Comments>>







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