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The other side of Africa that is rarely depicted in the media

joseph earnest - africa skyline


by Joseph Earnest  December 7, 2013


Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—There is a sophisticated side of Africa that is rarely portrayed by the media about Africa.  Many still think that Africa is a backward continent with zebras and lions running all over the place.  However, that narrative is far from the truth.  Some Africans have never even seen a real life lion or elephant other than the ones in zoos.


Another misconception is that the whole of Africa is always engaged in wars.  If that were true then how on earth are these cities, bridges, streets and industries being constructed?  There are a few pockets of strife here and there, but that kind of activity is found in every part of the world.


Africa is rising. The cities and industries are continuously growing as you will see in the video below. All the edifices shown were built by native Africans with their very own hands, through their sweat and blood. These African cities rival some of the greatest cities in the West and those in the Orient like Bangkok and Tokyo. Yet you never see this aspect of Africa being broadcast to the world. One has to wonder why.


However, since truth can only be found at Newscast Media, we will show you a rare side of Africa that will surprise many.  This video of Mama Africa was edited by the talented African sister Loreen Nyambok. Watch:

Mama AfricaVideo by Lo Nyambok  


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