From the Gypsy Dance Theatre to the Fire Show to Shunyata Bellydance, the Barbarians and much more, the Texas Renaissance Festival is the largest and most acclaimed Renaissance festival in the nation. Feel like getting insulted? Christophe the professional insulter will be at your service. The highly anticipated festival takes place Saturdays, Sundays and Thanksgiving Friday.  The festival  welcomes more than 450,000 guests annually and features nearly 500 costumed performers on 17  stages.  There is no end to the revelry at the Festival, with its wide assortment of challenges and adventures awaiting you throughout the village. The Renaissance Festival is located Northwest of Houston on more than 50 acres of  beautifully landscaped grounds on F.M. 1774 between Magnolia and Plantersville, Texas.  More  information can be found at www.texrenfest.com.


CREDIT:  Joseph Earnest          





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