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iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor hacked by German hacker

hacking iphone


by Joseph Earnest  September 23, 2013


Newscast Media BERLIN, Germany—A German hacker who calls himself "Starbug" has successfully hacked Apple's latest iPhone 5S fingerprint security feature.


The hacker will now collect several thousand dollars for breaking into the Touch ID finger sensor, by using a fake fingerprint that was photoshopped from the Internet.


Below is the video posted by the Chaos Computer Club of the iPhone being hacked:


Hacking the iPhone 5S biometrics in real time  


The congratulatory message read, "Yes! Big congratulations to Starbug (of the Chaos Computer Club), the first to demonstrate the hack! Starbug is giving the challenge pledge funds to Raumfahrtagentur, a spinoff from CCC-Berlin..."


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