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2016 Presidential Straw Poll announced by Texas GOP

 joseph earnest

United States Senator John Cornyn (Texas) Photo by Joseph Earnest


 by Joseph Earnest  September 24, 2013


Newscast Media AUSTIN—The State Republican Executive Committee, at its last quarterly meeting, approved Chairman Steve Munisteri’s proposal to hold a 2016 Presidential Preference Straw Poll concurrently with the 2014 Republican State Convention.


Last year the 2012 Texas GOP state convention was the largest state convention and had the highest number of delegates and alternates of any Republican convention in the country. Approximately 11,000 people attended at least a portion of the 2012 Texas GOP convention. There will be 18,000 alternate and delegate spots available for this convention and, with the straw poll, it is hoped that the 2014 convention will exceed 2012 attendance, thereby making the Texas GOP straw poll the largest Presidential Straw Poll next year and possibly the largest for the 2016 election cycle.


joseph earnest

Texas Governor Rick Perry Photo by Joseph Earnest

All potential presidential candidates whose names appear on the straw poll ballot will be allowed to address the convention. Moreover, possible Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz has confirmed his attendance at state convention and possible Presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry has also been invited. Because of their positions as a sitting Senator and the sitting Governor, Cruz and Perry will be given significant speaking allotments.

joseph earnest

United States Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) Photo by Joseph Earnest

The Texas GOP is also excited to announce that leading national conservative, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who has been talked about as a presidential candidate, has already accepted his invitation to keynote the convention.

joseph earnest

United States Senator Rand Paul (KY) Photo by Joseph Earnest



joseph earnest

Congressman Paul Ryan (WI)Photo by Joseph Earnest



joseph earnest

United States Senator Marco the Rubio (Florida) Photo by Joseph Earnest



joseph earnest

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush Photo by Joseph Earnest

In addition, in the upcoming weeks, the Texas GOP will extend invitations to Governor Chris Christie, Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Mike Pence, Congressman John Kasich, Congressman Paul Ryan, Senator Rick Santorum, Congressman Steve King, Governor Scott Walker, Senator Marco Rubio, and Governor Bobby Jindal.


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joseph earnest


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