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Museveni's men accused of stealing Mbabazi's evidence



by Joseph Earnest March 11 2016


Newscast Media KAMPALA—Opposition group Go Forward, that filed a lawsuit against Uganda's dictator Yoweri Museveni, on behalf of Amama Mbabazi, has accused the Uganda Police of breaking and entering the offices of lawyers representing Mbabazi.


Crucial evidence and numerous computers are now missing, as the case unfolds to determine whether or not Museveni rigged the election that occurred on February 18.


The United States Department of State issued a strong statement condemning Museveni's post-election activities in which it said, "The continued detention of opposition figures without legal justification, the ongoing harassment of opposition supporters, interference in legal challenges to the election results, and the intimidation of Uganda's media are unacceptable activities in a free and democratic society."


FOX News reports that Uganda Police denies stealing any evidence, and accused the opposition of "playing games."


One of the absurdities being floated around by the government's propaganda machine is that Mbabazi broke into his lawyers' offices and stole his own evidence to gain sympathy from the judges.


This same government, whose unprofessional police force is famous for undressing women they arrest, predictably uses the same faulty logic that it is the women who are undressing themselves while being arrested.


Yet in 2010, after the Kyadondo Rugby Club bombing during a World Cup game, when the government was accused of bombing it's own citizens, it did not take that accusation too kindly.


Below is an example of Museveni's untrained savage policemen in action. The incident took place in Kasese on March 11, and six people were shot dead for peacefully demonstrating against vote rigging. It shows civilians were standing peacefully when the police charged at them to provoke them into a confrontation. The result is evident.


According to Newsweek, Mbabazi claims his offices were raided by unidentified persons on Wednesday, who stole computers and files, including signed affidavits by witnesses to alleged electoral fraud.

“It was police in uniform, police in civilian clothing, and the military as well,” said Mbabazi.

The lawsuit launched by Mbabazi to challenge Museveni's legitimacy as president is based on evidence and signed affidavits he gathered, that points to fraud by the government. Mbabazi's prayer for relief is to have the election declared null and void, or at the very least, have a vote recount.

Many observers said the election was marred by irregularities. The European Union observer mission spoke of an "intimidating atmosphere" mainly created by the government and said the election commission lacked independence and transparency, the New York Times reported.

Meanwhile, Ugandans have been protesting in the United Kingdom against Museveni's regime and have petitioned British Prime Minister David Cameron to denounce the current leadership of Uganda, and call for fresh elections.

Below is a flyer galvanizing Ugandans to descend upon Washington to protest Uganda's current regime:

uganda protests

In the US, an advocacy group in Boston will be holding protest in Washington D.C. on March 18, in front of the Ugandan Embassy, the White House and State Department. The group plans to deliver signed petitions to Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama.

As for the media, Austrialian filmmaker Ebony Butler, has investigated Museveni regime for the past six years, and has just released a film called A Brilliant Genocide that will be premiering tonight March 11, at the US Navy Memorial in Washington D.C.

The documentary A Brilliant Genocide examines the hidden history of the Ugandan regime of Yoweri Museveni. It lays bare the atrocities committed by Ugandan government soldiers against the Acholi people of Northern Uganda since 1986.

The Uganda Supreme Court has 20 more days to render a decision. The justices presiding over this case were handpicked by Museveni.  Add Comments>>


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