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George P, Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott sail through the Primary

george p bush and wife amanda

 Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush and his wife AmandaPhoto by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest March 07, 2018


Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—Incumbent Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush won handily a four-man race against Jerry Patterson, Davey Edwards and Rick Range by capturing 58.2 percent of the vote, and will be facing Democratic challenger Miguel Suazo in the November General.


It is obvious by the numbers that Conservatives are not asleep since almost 1.5 million Texans came out to vote for the Republican candidates while Democrats had a little over 900k voters show up as shown by graphic below:

texas senate

 Poll numbers courtesy the New York Times


As for the Senate race, the story was the same. Half a million more Republicans came out to vote than Democrats, handing Senator Ted Cruz a victory of 85.3 percent over his challengers.


ted cruz

 Texas Senator Ted Cruz giving speechPhoto by Joseph Earnest


Cruz, who is a household name, will be facing the no-name Democratic candidate from El Paso, Beta O'Rourke in November. Once again, should the GOP come out in full force as they did in the primaries the winner is self-evident.


texas land commissioner

Poll numbers courtesy the New York Times


Incumbent Governor Greg Abbott also held his own in the gubernatorial race as he defeated all his challengers effortlessly, as Conservatives tightened their grip on Texas in an effort to keep it red. Virtually all statewide offices are held by Republicans in Texas.


greg abbot

 Texas Governor Greg AbbottPhoto by Joseph Earnest


Greg Abbott and his wife thanked supporters, and also encouraged supporters to retain the enthusiasm for the General in November. Add Comments >>













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