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US closely watches N.Korea amid Pyongyang's plans to test missile



by Joseph Earnest October 6, 2017


Newscast Media WASHINGTON The United States is closely watching North Korea amid Pyongyang’s plans to test a missile capable of reaching the US west coast, US Defense Department spokesperson Christopher Logan told Sputnik on Friday.

"We watch North Korea very closely but we do not comment on intelligence," Logan said.

Earlier in the day, Russian lawmaker Anton Morozov said that North Korea was planning to test-launch a missile capable of hitting the western coast of the United States.

Morozov was among three Russian lawmakers who traveled to Pyongyang on October 2-6 to discuss the peaceful settlement of the current crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Morozov stressed that the situation demanded a prompt intervention of all interested states, especially those represented in that region, in order to prevent full-scale hostilities.

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