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House of Representatives Rejects Call To Impeach Trump



by Joseph Earnest December 6, 2017


Newscast Media WASHINGTONThe House of Representatives roundly rejected an effort by some Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump. The impeachment resolution, sponsored by Rep Al Green (D-Texas), garnered only 58 Democrat votes, with 364 representatives opposed.


Green did not allege Trump had specifically commited a crime but argued that the President had“brought disrepute, contempt, ridicule and disgrace on the presidency,” and “sown discord among the people of the United States” with his comments about events in Charlottesville, Virginia, remarks about hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, and criticism of the NFL players’ protests against police brutality.  


According to NPR, most House Democrats want nothing to do with impeachment efforts right now and worry that publicly backing them as Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation continues would make any eventual impeachment push look partisan.


"Electing a president of the United States is the most important act American citizens take in setting the policies of their country. That should not be overturned except for the most egregious and demonstrable facts," Hoyer recently told reporters. "Do we disagree with [Trump's] policies? We do. But disagreeing with the policies is not enough to overturn an election — a free and fair election — of the American people."

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