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Texas Republicans launch effort to expand footprint in Black community

texas republicans

Launching of the African American Outreach Project Courtesty photo: Republican Party of Texas


by Joseph Earnest June 25, 2013


Newscast Media AUSTIN, TexasThe Republican Party of Texas (RPT) and the Texas Federation for Republican Outreach (TFRO, the RPT's statewide auxiliary for African American outreach), with a generous grant from the Republican National Committee (RNC), have announced a comprehensive plan for defining themselves within the African American community, rather than continuing to allow the Democrats to define them.


The effort includes hiring full time, year-round staff to organize an effort to aggressively recruit precinct chairs in majority minority precincts and to extend personal invitations for African American voters to meet Republican elected officials and to become involved in the primary and convention process. The staff will also coordinate efforts with an existing volunteer base to contact and recruit African American swing voters to join the GOP.

Bill Calhoun of Texas Federation for Republican Outreach stated:"Despite the fact that the Republican Party has elected more African Americans to statewide office than any other party in Texas, black voters still overwhelmingly voted for Democrat candidates. It's time for that to change. We have a positive message and record in Texas. Specifically, we're going to talk to voters about two issues that hit closest to home: jobs and school choice."

RPT Chiarman Steve Munisteri commented, "I am very excited to announce this project. Significant engagement with the African American community by the Republican Party is long overdue. I am especially appreciative of the hard work that TFRO Chairman Bill Calhoun has put into this effort and of his long term commitment to the RPT. The RPT in turn is committed to an ongoing, sustained and effective effort to better communicate our principles to African American voters. I would also like to thank National Chairman Reince Priebus for his generous support and, more importantly, for his shared vision of the necessity of community engagement. The RPT looks forward to a continued relationship on community engagement with TFRO and the RNC."

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said the GOP needs to strengthen relationships with more voters and that it is essential Republicans communicate their shared values with the African American communityvalues of equal opportunity and education, the importance of family and community ties. Add Comments>>









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