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List of world's most hostile countries toward Christians





 by Joseph Ernest  January 6, 2011


Newscast Media -- The annual list of the world's most dangerous countries for Christians, has been compiled and released by the research department of Open Doors International. Open Doors supports persecuted Christians worldwide and helps them target their prayers. The list is also a powerful tool to help governments and public policy bodies understand Christian persecution around the world.

The report states that persecution has increased in seven of the top ten countries on the list, even though in some cases the countries’ rank did not change. Afghanistan rose from No 6 to No 3 and Uzbekistan, from No 10 to No 9. Despite not making the top ten list, Open Doors highlighted Pakistan in its reporting, noting that it jumped from No 14 to No 11 this year. Mauritania, however, dropped from No 8 to No 13. Communist North Korea, meanwhile, topped the list for the ninth consecutive year.


1. North Korea
2. Iran
3. Afghanistan
4. Saudi Arabia
5. Somalia
6. Maldives
7. Yemen
8. Iraq
9. Uzbekistan
10. Laos                                     
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