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George P. Bush gunning for land commissioner re-election March 6

george p. bush

 George P. Bush giving a speech in Houston, TexasPhoto by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest March 04, 2018


Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—Land Commissioner George P. Bush will be facing three other candidates in a highly contested race for the office of land commissioner on March 6.


According to the San Antonio Express News, an internal poll released to donors on Friday shows Bush defeating fellow Republican Jerry Patterson, the agency's former land commissioner, by a shocking 57 to 4 percent among GOP primary voters. The memo also noted that Patterson's projected paltry showing falls within the poll's margin of error.


Bush also got a boost from President Trump's recent endorsement that said, "Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush backed me when it wasn't the politically correct thing to do, and I back him now."


Bush, who is the grandson of President George H.W. Bush is basking in the endorsement of both Donlad Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Watch:



Should George P. (as he likes to be called) win re-election, he will have continued the Bush legacy of public service in the political realm.



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